THESERA G Special Super Serum 50ml
Main Ingredients (i) (ii):(i) Serum:Olive leaf extractHazelnut leaf ExtractGalactomyces Fermented fi..
THESERA 7.2 Revital Cell Ampoule 30ml
Main ingredients:PDRNCentella asiatica extractPanthenol (B5)Collagen fermentRestoring peptides, Prot..
THESERA Hydroglow Cell Cream 100ml
Main Ingredients:Beta GlucanGycerinJojoba seed oilPolyglutamic acidSeawaterLemon fruit oilEfficacy:-..
THESERA Hydroglow Cell Ampoule 200ml
Main Ingredients:Hyaluronic acidFullereneCeramide NPSeawaterMalachite extractEfficacy:- Hydroglow Ce..
ELMOLU Sherbet Modeling Mask (Red - Ac Care) 50g + 5g x 5 packs
Main Ingredients:Tea treeCornus fruit extractRose extractPomegranate extractEfficacy:Tea tree has an..
THESERA Perfect Double Pearl Pack Cleanser 100ml
Main Ingredients:Sunflower seed essential oilMacadamia essential oilGrape seed essential oilCitrus e..
MY ATTITUDE 2pcs Silicone Face Mask Brushes
Function and method of use:Great tools for face mask application. Take a good amount of gel, cream o..
MY ATTITUDE Ultra Black Long Wearing Eyeliner
Product Description:Long-lasting water-resistant polymer formula:- Tearproof, waterproof, anti-sweat..
MY ATTITUDE Silicone Facial Cleansing Pad
Function:•Effective cleaning of dirt and oil from the pores.•Made with soft silicone material.•Helps..
MY ATTITUDE Beauty Sponge
Product Materials:100% U.S. imported PU raw materials, no silicon, latex free, go with anti-bacteria..
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